Top 5 Eco-Friendly Picks To Plan A Mess-Free Picnic

A picnic table set with fresh fruit, bread, and drinks, showcasing eco-friendly picnic products.

Planning a picnic out in the open? Whether you are planning a casual summer lunch or a chic spring brunch out in the open, it's important to keep your impact to a minimum.

That being said, planning an eco-friendly picnic isn't that hard of a deal. And, with just the right products and being mindful of our choices, you can easily have a setting that's high on the fun but low on the impact.

So, here are our top 5 eco-friendly picks to plan a mess-free and planet-safe picnic.

Plant-Based and Compostable Disposable Plates

Picnics are all about some delicious munchies. But, instead of using those super flimsy plastic or paper plates that tend to sog under some steamy pressure, you can try out some compostable disposable plates.

When it comes to single-use plates, we offer palm leaf and sugarcane bagasse plates. So, if you are looking for some raw natural elements to strike a lightning deal with your overall aesthetic, palm leaf plates are the best! Featuring raw, intricate details, no two plates are alike. They are available in different sizes and come in two shapes- round and square. Also, these plates are certified compostable, timber-free, toxin-free and extremely sturdy.

However, if you are up for some minimalistic delight, you can go for our bagasse plates. While palm leaf plates are made from naturally fallen Areca palm leaves, these plates are made from upcycled plant waste and bagasse. Technically, bagasse is a residue left behind when the juice is extracted from sugarcane stalks.

These sugarcane fiber plates are also certified compostable, plastic or timber-free and offer extreme build.

Plant-Based & Compostable Bowls

If you are looking for some sustainable dipping delight, our bagasse and palm leaf bowls have got you covered. Made from naturally fallen Areca palm leaves, these timber-free palm leaf bowls are just perfect to handle all those steamy chili delights without getting soggy or mushy.

And, if you want to stray away from extra intricate details, you can choose a minimalist option and go for our bagasse bowls. These compostable bowls are also microwave-safe and perfectly made safe for your food and the planet.

1. Compostable Straws

No more sipping on soggy straws, because we have something magical here. Made straight from plant starch (corn starch), our PLA straws (polylactic acid) are here for a guilt-free (and sog-free, if we may add) experience.

Our compostable straws are free from toxins or chemicals. Plus, because they are certified compostable, they break down into tiny pieces within a few weeks of disposal. In short, these straws break down into humus, which is a nutrient-rich compost that nourishes the soil by increasing its water retention and providing important nutrients. In short, unlike those plastic straws, which tend to stay around almost forever, these straws are here only for a fun time, not a long time.

2. Compostable Cold Cups

What's a picnic without some fizzy drinks? And, to compliment your drinks the right (planet-safe) way, our compostable cold cups, made out of PLA (corn starch) are here.

Made from plant starch, these cups are toxin or chemical-free. Plus, made from no plastic or timber, these cups are also certified compostable. These cups are available in different sizes on our website.

3. PLA Cutlery

Whether it is scooping some bigger bites, slurping some delish ramen or slicing through juicy delights, you can go for PLA cutlery for all such needs.

Our cutlery set comes with PLA spoons, forks and knives, made only from plants. Moreover, unlike plastic cutlery, that's just too flimsy, they have a better build and are here for any kind of juicy, steamy or runny food.

4. Bonus Product- Bamboo Paper Napkins

And, if you need something, wipe up the mess when you are done eating some scrumptious food, our bamboo paper napkins are here, so you wipe only the mess, and not the trees.

These napkins are highly absorbent, tear-resistant and absolutely timber-free.

Wrapping It Up

A charming picnic table adorned with an assortment of food, including bread, cheese, fruit, and other delicious items. Eco-friendly picnic products showcased.

Planning a picnic has never been this easy. And, with our compostable and pant-based everyday essentials, you can plan the perfect outing without contributing to any mess.

Explore our entire collection here.