Eco-Friendly Dinnerware, Kitchenware & Personal Care Under $40


Explore Plant-Safe Goodness Under $40

Sustainability was never supposed to be a compromise. And, we, at EcoSoul, are here to make sustainability available, affordable and accessible. Explore our best eco-friendly dinnerware products available at $40, and add some plant-based bliss to your homes.

What's Available Under $40 at EcoSoul?

If you are looking for eco-friendly compostable dinnerware, personal care and kitchenware under $40, you are in the right space. Besides fitting right under your budget, our products are also planet-safe and made with a clear conscience.

We at EcoSoul love promoting guilt-free convenience. With our products in your homes, you don't have to go the extra mile just to call yourself eco-friendly.

That being said, below are some of our best sustainable everyday essentials under $40.

Buy Compostable Straws Under $40

Are you tired of those flimsy plastic straws? We sure are. Your beverages don't deserve a compromise, and our compostable straws—available for under $40 — are here to make a difference. They are made from plant starch like corn.

With absolutely no plastic or paper, these straws are also compostable. Meaning, unlike a plastic straw, that stays around for almost forever in our ecosystem, our compostable straws are simply here for a fun time. Certified compostable, these straws come with a back-to-nature promise and go back to nature by becoming compost. So, besides offering a spectacular sipping experience, these eco-friendly straws also nourish the soil when disposed of by increasing the soil's water retention and providing important nutrients.

Buy Disposable Coffee Cups Under $40

If you are looking to buy compostable hot chocolate cups under $40, you are at the right place. Available with and without sleeves and lids, our plant-based and compostable hot cups are made from upcycled plant waste- Bagasse.

In short, bagasse is a by-product left behind when juice is extracted from sugarcane stalks. And, while it is usually burnt to get rid of the waste production, we, at EcoSoul, believe in embracing a circular economy. Made from upcycled bagasse, our hot cups are here to handle all kinds of pipping hot drinks without ever buckling under the pressure. Offering microwave and oven-safe properties, these cups also do not have any toxins or chemicals, offering a drinking experience that is good for you, and also the planet.

Available in different shapes and sizes, you can explore our wide range of cups depending upon your morning coffee needs.

Buy Compostable Spoon Sets Under $40

Whether it is a short camping expedition or a picnic getaway with some of your best friends, food has always been an important part of any gathering. To make your meal times earth-friendly, our range of compostable spoon sets under $40 is a perfect choice.

Our compostable spoons are made from PLA. Also called polylactic acid, PLA is a form of bio-plastic that is extracted from plant starch like corn or sugarcane. Our spoons are made from corn starch and also offer a back-to-nature promise. That being said, unlike plastic spoons, which are made by exhausting non-renewable resources like petroleum, these compostable spoons are made just from plants. Also, once you are done with them, all you need to do is dispose of them in your compost bins, and they'll break into tiny pieces and form compost. This compost can then be used to nourish the soil.

Other than the sustainability claims, these spoons are pretty functional too. Unlike regular plastic spoons that tend to get soggy under heat, these spoons are just perfect to scoop and bite into some delightful appetizers without feeling like a compromise. Moreover, they offer easy disposal too! What we are trying to imply is that you don't have to worry about doing the dishes later. Simply use them, dispose of them, and watch them as they become one with nature. You can go for an all-compostable spoon set or go for our compostable cutlery set as well.

Compostable Resealable Bags Under $40

If you are looking to buy eco-friendly kitchenware under $40, we bet you need some resealable bags to store away your day's leftovers. And, unlike those plastic containers, which take up a lot of space and you end up washing them after use, these resealable bags are here to make everything easy. For starters, these resealable bags are made from PLA (polylactic acid). Extracted from corn starch, PLA is a form of bio-plastic that is compostable and made only from renewable resources (like plants in this case).

Available with a tight zip-lock mechanism, these resealable bags are available in different sizes. Whether you need to store some trail mix for traveling, or simply store an entire side as leftover, our resealable bags are just perfect to store anything. Moreover, these ziplock bags are also microwave or freezer-safe. Made safe for your food and the planet, these bags do not have any harsh chemicals or toxins, thus, helping you live a healthy lifestyle.

Our compostable resealable bags are transparent, offer a tight zip-lock mechanism and are certified compostable. Plus, they are also available under $40.

Buy Compostable Knife Under $40

Besides offering compostable and disposable spoons, you can also choose from our compostable knife sets. Like PLA spoons, these knives are made from corn starch. Made only from plants and offering a back-to-nature promise, our certified compostable plant-based knives are here to complement every kind of meal and add planet-safe bliss to any kind of setting.

Moreover, unlike plastic knives that tend to get super soggy when in contact with high temperatures, our range of compostable knives does not buckle under pressure (no matter how soaring hot it might get.) The crux here is that a lot of single-use cutlery is infused with a number of chemicals. Abd, when this cutlery comes in contact with hot food, it tends to release harmful chemicals in your food. But, with our compostable knives under $40, you would never have to worry about ingesting any kind of chemicals.

Lastly, our knives are also compostable. Because we love going to the ends of the world in order to get our claims certified, our knives are certified compostable. That being said, once you are done using them, our compostable knives break down into smaller pieces in a compost bin and turn into a compost. This compost can, then, be used to nourish the soil and provide important ingredients to the soil. In short, these knives are strong, study, plant-based and embrace the circular economy. (A win-win, right?)

Buy Bamboo Kitchen Utensils Under $40

It's time to saute, stir, and serve without plastics! Our set of bamboo kitchen utensils is made from only bamboo. Available in a set of 6, these utensil sets are extracted straight from the tropicals, where nature's fastest replenishing resources thrive (aka bamboo).

Moreover, besides being plant-based, our utensil sets are pretty durable, too. For starters, they are very strong. Because bamboo is one of the strongest substances in our ecosystem, all bamboo essentials embrace the durability of this grass. Secondly, these kitchen utensils are chemical-free. In fact, because of bamboo's natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, bamboo utensils are pretty hygienic and safe for any kind of food contact.

Moving on, bamboo is highly non-porous. Meaning, when compared to wood utensils, bamboo soaks lesser amount of water, and does not get fluffy with every use. It is also perfect for odd temperatures. So, whether it is mixing some boiling chili or simply serving some ice-cold pudding, these utensils would never be affected. Moreover, because these utensils are chemical-free, they won't emit any harmful toxins in your food at higher temperatures either.

Buy Bamboo Baby & Cleaning Wipes Under $40

Did you know that your regular wipes contain hidden bits of plastic and a range of chemicals that can seriously harm sensitive skin?

But here's to personal hygiene that isn't only safe for the planet but also for you. Let's start off with bamboo baby wipes. Our bamboo wipes under $40 are made from nothing but bamboo. FSC-certified for being sustainably sourced, these wipes are also free from any kinds of harsh chemicals or toxins. These wipes are unscented, hypoallergenic, and naturally antibacterial or antifungal.

In short, they are safe for your baby's super-sensitive skin. Once you are done with them, simply dispose of them in your compost bins. These wipes have a back-to-nature promise and begin to break down into tiny pieces upon disposal. In short, they become one with nature and nourish the soil rather than contaminate it.

Moving forward, our bamboo cleaning wipes under $40 are also a great addition to your bathrooms. Offering a safe and hygenic bathroom experience, these wipes are also plastic and tree-free. Moreover, with absolutely no toxins or chemicals, these wipes are hypoallergenic, unscented, and just perfect for sensitive skin.

Buy Bamboo Serving Tray Under $40

If you are looking to buy eco-friendly kitchenware under $40, we bet you need a bamboo serving tray to complement the natural and minimalist vibe of your kitchen. Our serving trays are also made from bamboo, offering sleek patterns and a surprisingly sturdy build.

In short, they are plastic and tree-free. FSC-certified for being responsibly sourced, our bamboo serving tray is also available with handles, offering an easy experience. So, whether you like a cozy breakfast in bed, or simply want to serve those scrumptious appetizers to your guests, the trays have got you covered.

Like bamboo cutting boards, these serving trays are also chemical-free and non-toxic.

Buy Compostable Plates Under $40

We agree that single-use plastic plates are never gonna cut it. They are flimsy, full of toxins and not a great choice for a sustainable lifestyle. But, our range of disposable compostable plates, under $40, are here to compliment all kinds of meals with a planet-safe bliss.

Primarily, our compostable and plant-based plates are available under two broader categories. You can go for palm leaf plates if you love adding some natural accents to your settings. However, if you are one to follow minimalism, our range of sugarcane bagasse plates has got you covered.

Moreover, you can choose from a wide variety of shapes and sizes, depending on your meal needs. Our range of plant-based and compostable tableware under $40, like palm leaf and sugarcane bagasse plates, is also toxin-free.

Buy Compostable Bowls Under $40

Like our plant-based and compostable plate collection, we also provide palm leaf and sugarcane bagasse bowls, available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Made from plants, these bowls are also non-toxic and entirely chemical-free.

These bowls are also here to complement all kinds of meals and withstand any odd temperatures. They are microwave, oven, refrigerator and freezer-safe, and do not emit harmful toxins when in contact with abnormal temperatures.

Buy Bamboo Kitchen Towels Under $40

It's time to wipe away the mess, without wiping away the trees. Made from bamboo, our bamboo kitchen towels are entirely tree-free and plastic-free. Moreover, they are highly absorbent and possess natural antibacterial properties.

So, besides helping you wipe the mess with a cleaner conscience, you can also welcome mess-free spaces in hygiene. They are also tear-resistant and come with a back-to-nature promise. That being said, once you are done with them, all you need to do is dispose of them in a compost bin, and they will break down into compost within a few weeks post-disposal.

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