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Eco-Friendly Compostable Party Supplies

Is it a super-casual house party or an all-night rager? Whichever gathering is on your mind, disposable is an important part of your planning. And, we are not talking about those super-flimsy single-use plastic supplies that leave a long trail of impact behind. Our range of eco-friendly party supplies offers a planet-safe way to make your parties convenient and mess-free.

Made from plants and being entirely toxin-free, our range of compostable party supplies is here for a guilt-free convenience. Perfect for a low-waste party, we sell party essentials like party bowls, cups, plates, and straws, all made from plants.

So, here's exactly what you need to know when shopping our biodegradable party supplies and 6 reasons why you need them:

6 Reasons To Switch To Compostable Party Supplies

Hosting a huge gathering can sometimes be daunting, especially if you hate doing the dishes. But, our range of eco-friendly party supplies can help you host gatherings that are planet-safe and low on waste generation.

With that in mind, here are some reasons why using our compostable party supplies for your next gathering is a good idea:

Just Plants. No Plastic. No Trees.

Our range of eco-friendly compostable party supplies is entirely plant-based. Our products like palm leaf and bagasse plates and bowls are USDA-certified for being bio-based. So, unlike single-use plastics, these biodegradable party supplies do not rely on any non-renewable resources like petroleum to be manufactured. They are entirely made from plants like palm leaves, sugarcane bagasse, cornstarch and bamboo, and all raw materials are responsibly sourced.

Back-to-Nature Promise

Our compostable party supplies like palm leaf plates and compostable cutlery sets are also certified compostable. Meaning, these products are certified to break down into compost in your compost bin. This compost is super rich in humus and can be mixed in with the soil to provide some important nutrients.

Free from Toxins

There's more to it than just being made from plants. Our products are also free from chemicals or toxins. Perfect for you to serve and eat all kinds of party appetizers and drinks, these party supplies are made safe for food contact and do not contaminate your food with any unwanted chemicals.

Circular Economy

Because we rely on nature's fastest-growing plants and upcycle plant waste, we rightfully support a circular economy. All our compostable party supplies are also certified compostable and go back to nature once disposed of. Unlike plastic plates and bowls, our products do not linger around forever, and go back to the soil within 90-180 days post-disposal.

Microwave & Freezer-Safe

Our products like plates and bowls are microwave, oven, freezer, and refrigerator-safe. And, because they are free from chemicals, these products also do not emit any toxic chemicals into your food when subjected to abnormal temperatures.

Strong & Sturdy

While our party supplies are sustainable, they are of an uncompromising quality as well. Our range is super durable and can handle all kinds of meals without ever buckling under pressure. These plates are designed to maintain their shape no matter how much pressure you apply, in contrast to those single-use plastic ones that become extremely fragile when filled with food. Additionally, our compostable cups and cutlery sets are extremely durable, so you can use them to hold all of your drinks and to fork or scoop all of your delectable appetizers without worrying about them breaking in between.

Our Best-Selling Eco-Friendly Party Supplies

Eco-Friendly Compostable Party Bowls

Look no further; because we offer the most eco-friendly party bowls. We use recycled sugarcane bagasse and naturally fallen Areca palm leaves to make our compostable party bowls. Depending on your demands, you can choose between round and square palm leaf bowls in various sizes.

Additionally, each palm leaf bowl has a different body with rustic, natural designs that are quite distinctive. Every compostable bowl has a unique tale to tell and is incredibly robust, making it ideal for freezing desserts or serving sizzling hot gravy with appetizing appetizers.

Our compostable sugarcane bagasse bowls, on the other hand, are constructed from upcycled sugarcane fibers. We upcycle this agricultural waste and forge it into some amazing bowls that are quite robust and solid, even though they are often burned as plant waste.

These compostable party bowls are safe to use in the oven, refrigerator, freezer, and microwave, just like sugarcane and palm leaf plates. Even if you use these compostable bowls to reheat leftovers, they won't contaminate your meal or change its flavor because they are free of toxins.

Eco-Friendly Compostable Party Cups

Of course, you would need something refreshing to wash it all down. Additionally, our guilt-free, compostable party cups are available. These 16-ounce compostable cups are made from plant starch, such as corn starch. Plus, they won't survive as long as a typical single-use plastic cup. In addition, our eco-friendly party cups are remarkably robust and quite simple to dispose of. They are lightweight, resistant to leaks, and do not mush after the drink is poured in.

There are no contaminants of any type in these chilled cups for a house party. They are completely safe for the environment and your kids because they don't change the flavor of your drink.

Eco-Friendly Compostable Cutlery for Party

This PLA disposable cutlery set includes knives, spoons, and forks constructed from plant starch, such as corn starch. Furthermore, this eco-friendly party cutlery set is made to withstand pressure, in contrast to single-use paper or plastic cutlery which frequently shatters under pressure.

This certified compostable and toxin-free PLA cutlery set is also environmentally friendly. Without having to worry about their falling apart, you can effortlessly use them to slurp on some extremely hot ramen or fork fruits.

Eco-Friendly Compostable Straws for Party

Everyone probably despises those extremely thin paper straws that dissolve completely in your beverages after becoming really mushy. The point is, if you intend to give up single-use plastic straws, you do not have to stick with paper straws. Our compostable party straws are incredibly robust and produced from maize starch.

These sustainable and robust compostable bendable straws offer a durable and sustainable drinking experience without becoming mushy, fragile, or droopy inside your beverage. Additionally, the PLA straws are certified compostable and free of toxins.

Certified For Your Peace Of Mind

We believe that certifications are vital to transparency and the overall health of our planet. That’s why we always validate our products to ensure that they’re better for people and the environment.

While not every certification is appropriate for every product, we go to the ends of the Earth to attain the right certifications for the right materials — so you can have peace of mind that you’re doing right by the planet.